Sharon Quirk-Silva for Assembly

Quirk-Silva’s Veterans Cemetery bill makes its way to Gov. Brown

Author: Event News. September 2, 2014

Assemblywoman Sharon Quirk-Silva’s Assembly Bill (AB) 1453, a bill that would establish a veterans cemetery...

Author: Event News. September 2, 1014

Assemblywoman Sharon Quirk-Silva’s Assembly Bill (AB) 1453, a bill that would establish a veterans cemetery in Orange County, passed out of both houses of the Legislature and is now headed to the governor for his consideration.

“Local veterans, many of whom risked their lives on foreign soil, deserve a an honorable place that will provide their families and communities a true and lasting opportunity to pay their respects,” stated Assemblywoman Quirk-Silva, “this will be a meaningful way in which we honor the countless sacrifices that veterans have made serving and defending our nation.”

California is home to more veterans than any other state in the nation with a majority of those veterans residing in Southern California.  According to the National Cemetery Administration, the closest regional option for Orange County veterans is Riverside Veterans Cemetery, which offers neither a convenient location nor a long term solution for the large number of Orange County veterans and their families.

“Several years ago, a group of local veterans got together and formed the Orange County Veteran Memorial Park Committee (OCVMPC) to garner support for a veterans cemetery.  Today, we celebrate their tireless efforts as we move forward with the legislation.  We sincerely hope that Governor Jerry Brown will join us in honoring our nation’s greatest heroes,” said Assemblywoman Sharon Quirk-Silva. 

AB 1453 would direct the California Department of Veteran Affairs and the local government entities in Orange County to work collaboratively to design, develop and construct a state-owned and state-operated Orange County Veterans Cemetery.

This piece of legislation has received outpouring support from 19 Orange County cities, endorsements from veteran community stakeholders and over 3,000 individuals have contacted the Office of Assemblywoman Quirk-Silva in support of this project.  In addition, the City of Irvine stepped forward this past July to designate up to 125 acres of the Great Park, formerly known as Marine Corps Air Station El Toro, for the use of a veterans cemetery.